Moderator’s vision of bringing derailed Christian back on track

In this inaugural interview with The Way,
PCEA Moderator Julius Guantai Mwamba tells
DOROTHY KWEYU about his spiritual journey,
his thoughts about Kenya and his vision for the
new magazine.

Q Reverend Mwamba, could you please tell us
about background and your ministry at the PCEA

A I was elected Moderator in November 2014 by the General Assembly and installed in April 2015. I was called by God when I was very young, in Class Two. I told my father that I had been called to God’s service. In 1987, I joined St Paul’s Theological College (today’s St Paul’s University) for a diploma course in Theology, but later changed to Bachelor of Divinity. In 1992, I was posted to PCEA Ndagani Parish in Chuka as a student on probation. I was ordained minister on November 26, 1993 and took over Ndagani Parish leadership in 1995. I joined Chuka Town Parish in 1998 at its inception.

In 2001, I joined Columbia Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. When I returned in 2002, I was posted to Mwonge Parish in Chuka Presbytery. I was there for eight years until I was sent to Murugi East Parish in Chogoria Central Presbytery. I joined St Andrew’s Parish, Nairobi, in 2013, which I led until my appointment as PCEA Moderator.

Q In this spiritual journey, how have you walked with
your family?

A JGM: I got married in 1992. God blessed us with two
children, who are now adults. By God’s grace, we’ve been
working and walking together very well, and there is no time we’ve ever fought or thought evil against each other. Q What does your wife do? A She’s a teacher at Ndagani Primary School in Chuka.

Q What are the challenges of working away from your

A The usual ones… you want to be closer to your family, but you cannot because of the distance. However, any time she calls me, I go down, and if I call her, she comes.

Q What were your accomplishments at St Andrew’s

A We introduced the 7 o’clock service for security officers.
We also introduced visitations to members’ homes, and the annual Social Day. On projects, we fund-raised for (youth hall) acoustics.

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